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2019 Results - Nebraska Steer Wrestling Memorial

2019 Results

2019 - Open To The World

JD Struxness, 2019 Open To The World Winner, Nebraska Memorial Steer Wrestling
JD Struxness - 2019 Open Winner
Open Winner: JD Struxness

Round 1
1st & 2nd Denell Henderson & JD Struxness
3rd & 4th-Tyler Pearson & Jace Melvin
5th-Kyle Irwin
6th-Stetson Jorgensen

Round 2
1st-Kyle Irwin
2nd & 3rd-Tyler Waguespack & Dirk Tavenner
4th, 5th, & 6th-Ben Robinson, Riley Duvall, & JD Struxness

Short Go
1st-Trevor Nelson
2nd-Sam Goings
3rd & 4th-Richard Coats & Tyler Pearson

1st-JD Struxness 
2nd-Tyler Pearson 
3rd-Richard Coats
4th-Trevor Nelson
5th-Kyle Irwin
6th-Sam Goings
7th-Eli Lord
8th-Cody Devers

2019 - 5 Man Champion Match

Nick Guy - 5 Man Champion Match, Nebraska Memorial Steer Wrestling, 2019
Nick Guy - 5 Man Champion Match Winner
Nick Guy2019 WINNER
2x Jackpot Champion
Brody Cleveland 
2018 Jackpot Winner
Stan Branco 
2018 Match Champion
Sean Mulligan 
2x Jackpot Champion
Tyler Waguespack 
2x World Champion

19 & Under Average Winner

& Ote Berry's Junior World Finals Qualifier

2019 19&Under Winner, Winston McGraw
Winston McGraw - Average Winner

Winners of 19 & Under and Ote Berry’s Junior World Finals Qualifier:

Round 1
1st-Parker Johnston
2nd-Winston McGraw
3rd-Weston Patterson

Round 2
1st-Winston McGraw
2nd-Quade Potter
3rd-Rhett Witt

Round 3
1st-Riley Reiss
2nd-Quade Potter
3rd-Jen Nelson

1st-Winston McGraw
2nd-Quade Potter
3rd-Riley Reiss